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"Hi, my name is Pancake.
I was abandoned on the side of the road on a rainy day. I was found by Jess who was passing by, and she just scooped me up and pleaded on social media for someone to take in. Thankfully, Jayden, a dog person, agreed to take in me.

At first I didn't trust him at all because I thought I was going to be thrown away once again. Meaning that I was not ready to be part of his family. So I bit, barked, and broke everything! Even though I was so wicked to him every time, he was always kind to me. He melted my heart day by day...  

And now he's my best friend and love. Of course I'm not that wicked any longer but wicked awesome!" 

This is a story of mine and everyone has their own stories. What about yours? We introduce unstoppable pups and their amazing stories to the world!


Jayden Kim, a dog person