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WickedPup's PupToon - Super Mutt from Malaysia

Super Mutt PupToon Handdrawn Cartoon DogHey everyone ♥️ I am Munch and I am my hooman 👩🏻 first baby 😬 I got adopted at around 3 months from a farm which had 2 litters of newborns 🐶

I was nearly named Bubbles but my hooman decided that Munch suits me better cause I used to eat everything and anything I see 😋 I am pickier at food now but still love having treatos 🤤 my love for home-cooked food is evident ♥️ just mix in meat, vegetables and some broth, and I will be by your side before you can say ‘tiddly-wink’

I’m turning 3 soon which also marks 3 years being with my forever family ♥️ we had more additions to the family and right now I have 2 younger brothers 😉 we have our fair share of fights but I still love the 2 of them nonetheless ♥️

My hobbies include destroying our toys and bed, going our dogs walkies, chasing squirrels and having daily fights with my younger brothers ♥️ but my favourite thing to do is still to cling by my dahdee’s side 🤪

They call me a diva, but truth is I just have high standards of living 😘


👉🏼IG | @mumpy.o

🏡Home: Malaysia🇲🇾

🚻Gender: Female👧🏼

🎂DOB: Mar/16/2018 (my Gotcha day)🎉

🧬Breed: Super Mutt🐾

🍽Favorite food: Home-cooked meals🍳

🏃🏽Favorite activity: Walkies and chasing squirrels 🐿 

📍Favorite place: Parks 🌳


🎨by @wickedpup_toon 


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