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WickedPup's PupToon - Korean Jindo Mix from LA


WickedPup's PupToon Giveaway Winner, Bennie, Korean Jindo Dog Puppy | Welcome to the WickedPup Community!

👉🏼IG | .

🏡Home: Los Angeles🌞

🚻Gender: Female👧🏼

🎂DOB: Approximately end of Feb. 2020, so I made hers by the day after my own, 2/26/2020. 

🧬Breed: Korean Jindo Mix🐶

🍽Favorite Food: Puppuccino☕️, all meats🥩, but hate green veggies🥗 

🏃🏽Favorite Activity: Chasing anything🐾, Playing with besties🐶, Stalking mommy, Going adventures🤩

📍Favorite Place: Beside mommy🐕♥️👩🏻



Hi👋 My name is Bennie🐶, a Latin name that means blessed🐾. 


I was rescued in South Korea🇰🇷 and now living in Los Angeles, USA🇺🇸 to live with my forever & favorite hooman💝.


My life is full of sunshine☀️ and beaches in SoCal, and it is perfect for me because I have crazy energy that never dies🔥.


I am curious about everything🧐, scared of a lot of things😱, a little shy with people, but LOVES to play with other dogs🦮🐕‍🦺🐩🐕. 


My mom says I'm a smart pup because I can do about 30 commands and tricks😜, but I can get stubborn and impatient🤪...  


I can be the sweetest dog, but I can't stand bad-mannered dogs & rude people. I'm a proud half-Jindo and half-etc. breed, and my mom and I make a great team together🐾.


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