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WickedPup's PupToon - Jindo and Spitz Mix from New York City

WickedPup's PupToon Giveaway Winner, Ruby, Jindo and Spitz Mix | Welcome to the WickedPup Club!

📸IG | @rubyinbrooklyn .

🏡Home: Brooklyn, New York🇺🇸

🚻Gender: Female👧🏼

🎂DOB: Jan 17, 2020🎉

🧬Breed: Jindo-Spitz Mix🐶 (@wisdompanel said 11 different dog breeds including: Jindo, Miniature Poodle, Chihuahua, Japanese Spitz, Nordic Spitz).

🍽Favorite food: Fish🐟, Chicken🍗, Peanut Butter🥜

🏃🏽Favorite activity: Taking a good nap on soft blankets or and waking my pawrents up with kisses in the morning💋

📍Favorite place: “My” big comfy chair in our apartment and Prospect Park🌲




Hi my name is Ruby♥️.


I was found with my mom, brother and sister in an abandoned warehouse in South Korea🇰🇷 and was brought to the Gangneung City Shelter. 


I was rescued by @koreank9rescue and @chae.sugyoung in Korea. When I was healthy and ready, I flew all the way over to New York✈️🗽.


My mom and dad adopted me without ever having seen me in person! They knew solely based off of 5 pictures🥰.


🎨by @wickedpup_toon .

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