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WickedPup's PupToon - Dachshund from Orange County

Hi👋🏼, My name is Courage

and I’m a piebald mini dachshund🐶! I may be small but don’t let that fool you😛, I know how to get what I want, especially from my pawrents😉
I’m 7 years old and my favorite activities are eating😋, napping😴, cuddling🥰 and eating😬. Did I mention eating? I love snacks🥠

👉🏼IG | @courageandscooby

🏡Home: 🍊County, CA🇺🇸

🚻Gender: Female🚺

🎂DOB: August 15, 2013🎉

🧬Breed: Mini Dachshund🐶

🍽Favorite food: 🦆

🏃🏽Favorite activity: 😴

📍Favorite place: 🛌


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