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WickedPup's PupToon - Cockapoo from Toronto

Hiii👋🏼, I'm Nikko from Tronto🇨🇦.

Mom decided she was going to get a puppy🐶 and saw me and had to go check me out😍. It was love at first cry😭. She picked me up and it was a done deal; I was going home with her and haven’t left her side since😛.

We’ve had a rollercoaster time together🤩🤪🤯😬. We’ve moved a lot and change company ; but through everything we’ve stayed together and are each others whole world (yup that’s right, her world revolves around me). We’ve met ALOT of great people through our journey, trials and tribulations🚘⛵️🚲 but it’s made us the super pair we are😝.

Everyone is always amazed at the bond Mumma and I have — we’re so in tune with each other and even though we don’t speak the same language, we understand each other perfectly👍🏼.

Despite the fact nothings perfect, we are perfect for each other and mom says she’d have done it all again to have the kid she has now. She constantly is staring at me going “i can’t believe i raised this”. She says i’m her proudest accomplishment and she’s so happy i’m hers (i’m happy she’s mine too)♥️💛💖.


👉🏼IG | @sirnicholasliam .

🏡Home: Wherever Mumma Is (Toronto, Canada)🤗🇨🇦.

🚻Gender: I’m A Boy — Sir To Be Precise🧒🏼.

🎂DOB: 02/22/2018🎉.

🧬Breed: I’m a Cockapoo (Mom says i’m a Monkey)🐶🐵.

🍽Favorite food: Hmmm…. I love Steak🥩, Benkos, European Bacon🥓.

🏃🏽Favorite activity: I love riding the Escalators, Playing With Balls🎾, Woofing and Exploring⛰(Mainly Swimming🏊🏻‍♂️when Mom says no swimming😱).

📍Favorite place: I love going to God Mummies (Pool Pawtay), The Jungle — Obviously Swimming Spots and most recently to the home of my future puppy nappers🤩.


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