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WickedPup's PupToon - Chihuahua from California

Hi👋🏼, My name is Melo🐶

Mommy found out they were giving puppies for FREE ,she saw me and I was chosen😜🥰❗️

Wanna know a secret how to get FREE treats ? It’s all about the puppy eyes!!! 🐶I love biting my moms hair, I have a brother that’s a cat 😱😺, I love playing with my toys(I don’t share🤭), I like chasing ants🐜, Who said FREE treats !!


👉🏼IG | @melothechihuahua

🏡 Home : U.S  California🇺🇸

🚻 Gender: Male👦🏼

🎂 DOB: Unknown🤔

🧬 Breed : Chihuahua🐕

🍽 Favorite Food: TREATS🍗

🏃🏽Favorite activity: chasing ants 🐜

📍Favorite place: Home 🏡


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