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WickedPup's PupToon - Black Shiba Inu from Japan

wickedpup puptoon giveaway winner black shiba inu tennHi👋🏼, I'm Tenn

a black shiba inu girl, living in Japan. Happy to meet you guys😄.


👉🏼 IG | : @tenn_shibainu

🏡 Home: 関西 日本(Japan🇯🇵) 

🚻 Gender: 女の子(Girl👧🏼) 

🎂 DOB: 06/12/2018 

🧬 Breed: 柴犬(Shiba Inu🦊) 

🍽 Favorite food: ササミ(Chicken breast🍗) 

🏃🏽 Favorite activity: ボール転がす(Playing with the ball🎾) 

📍 Favorite place: 芝生、落ち葉(Green Park⛳️)


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